Capture the Banner

Purpose of the game is to reach out to groups and encourage an exchange of ideas and experiences between groups within an area and a region. How can my Home-Group do this:

Each group is encouraged to get Home-Group members together and make a special banner that expresses the essential nature of their group. (The banner could be displayed at their meeting.)

In order for another group to “Capture the Banner” at least 5 members of that Home- Group must attend another group’s regularly scheduled meeting. At the end of the meeting, they are permitted as a group of 5, to capture the banner of the group that they have attended.

A special note: You are not allowed to capture another banner unless you have your own banner. If your Banner has been captured, you must take 5 Home-Group members to the group that has captured your banner to get it back. If you would like to capture the banner of the group you are attending, you must take an additional 5 members to get their banner. (It takes 5 members to get one banner.)

We believe this has been a wonderful opportunity to give a tangible reason to be a Home- Group member…help us recapture our banner. It has provided an excellent platform for introducing members to a Home-Group business meeting and the activity of making the banner.

The benefits of the time spent together to try and get another banner or to get our banner back is of great benefit to the addicts within the Home-Group. A strong sense of Unity is formed through the use of this Outreach concept.

You can go to the Regional Website to view a list of groups that participate in the Capture the Banner Outreach Concept: